Social Media Interest

One of the greatest things to happen to man kind is the invention of social media. Social media is the way people communicate within each others these days. It has taken over the world by storm by connecting people from all types of backgrounds and countries together in one platform. Because of social media, relationships have been made, companies have been launched, and most commonly, people have just voiced their opinions.

Social Media is amazing. Through social media, many companies can connect with their customers instead of the customer having to go to a store and going through the corporate ladder. Can use social media to interact with the consumers directly and get direct feedback. With some social medias, companies can  use polls to get a pulse to see how fans are reacting to the actions of the organization

My goal of New Media Communications is to get a better feeling for how I can help an organization through the use of social media. In the field of PR, one of the aspects is connecting with the fans, consumers of the people who your company’s target audience is. Sports organizations are getting better using social media with back and forth with other organizations and their fans. Through this, that is the best way to not only improve your services, but gain popularity.


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