The Inside Scoop on How Digital Media is Improving

Ever wonder how social media site improve throughout time? Leaders of the digital world come together at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting to discuss and improve the top subjects in digital advertising. Sylvia Zhou shared with Facebook business the improvements coming out of this conference.


The first outcome of this conference was to raise the advertising measurement standards. Facebook wants advertisers buy ads with confidence . Two-thirds of their survey respondents increased spending on data and related services from the previous year.  71% of the respondents also are expecting a bigger budget in 2017. They also are adding more measurement partnerships to improve cross-channel comparability and third-party verification to Facebook for marketers.

Facebook if also looking to improve on their news quality. face news has been a problem before and they look to put an end to that. CEO of IAB Randall Rothenberg was quoted saying “Fake news is a failure of our supply chain, and there is no culprit to blame in this scenario; it’ everyone’s collective duty to act to stop it now.” In order to stop such acts, Facebook added news signals into users news feeds to show the authenticity of the story. Also added was an improvement to the Trending feature. Trends will now be featured by the number of publishing on the same topic.

These were the two biggest changes Facebook has made to the website and these are huge. People have been complaining about these things for some time and it’s good to know that the company is listening and is willing to make changes to please its users.

Here is the link if you would like to read the whole story:


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