The App Beef: Snapchat vs. Instagram

There are battles as to which apps are the top apps today. These battles have been transferred into the greatest beefs of all time. It has joined ranks of beefs like Biggie vs. Tupac, McDonald vs. Wendy’s vs. Burger King, and the original social media competition Twitter vs. Facebook. As both of these apps get developed, one has been put in the hot seat and has ignited controversy that has made users chose a side.

Snapchat is an app the allows the user to take a “in the moment” picture or video and send it to a other friends. This allows users to also post those “in the moment” pictures  or videos to a story. All of these options last 10 seconds maximum and the picture or video will be erased unless saved the user. On the story, the picture or video will last for 24 hours and then be erased unless it is saved by the user. The app also allows the put filters on selfies and put geotags on pictures.

Instagram is the OG of the beef. With Instagram being here first, it had the most to develop. For those who don’t know, Instagram is a app that allows users to just post pictures of what they are doing. Users are also allowed to edit their own pictures through filters, and comment and like other’s pictures. While applying filters to pictures, users are allowed to edit the coloring of pictures. What ignited the problem between the to apps is Instagram added a feature is similar to Snapchat where users will be allowed to take “in the moment” pictures and post them for 24 hours along with posting pictures on their profiles to be liked and commented on. Recently, Instagram has added a feature to imitate Facebook live that allows users to take a live video that other users can watch and comment on. These new features have sparked many debates as to which app is better because there is no purpose to to use them all when they all do the same thing.

I am a fan of Snapchat because i is more entertaining for me. Instagram added the story feature to compete and users, including me, never lost our loyalty to Snapchat. Instagram is boring to me because all you can do is post pictures, while Snapchat is more in the moment. I would rather see what my friends are up to know instead of seeing pictures that could have happened last night, last week, or even last year. To me, Instagram felt as if it was losing its fan base and just copied the ideas of its competition instead of creating a feature of it’s own. It’s lazy to me and just shows lack of imagination, and Instagram lost a little bit of my loyalty.


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