Where will Twitter be in the App Store

New comers to twitter may have trouble finding the social media app Twitter in the App Store. This is because twitter is no longer considered a social networking app. USA Today reported March 9 that the Apple App Store now considers Twitter a news app instead of a social networking.


The change was noted originally by TechCrunch a while back in the April of 2016. Twitter was originally in the top 10 free apps for social networking, but the move from social networking to news made the app #1 on the Free News apps. According to TechCrunch,  this move also opens up the app a wider crowd. While the app made the move on Apple App Store, it remains a social networking app on Google Play.

I’m an avid user of Twitter and I did not notice the change. I understand the change because and I use Twitter to get news. The other day, one of my friends had told me something happened and the first thing I did was go on Twitter and look to see if it was trended. I’m sure most people do that and yet people do that on Facebook as well. As long as there are as many people on a platform, companies and people will use that to spread news. While I do understand the move, the way it was released made the move seem like a move to be at the top of app list. I say this because as previously stated, Facebook can be used as a news source just as much and they have not made the move away from social media. So this move was just to put the company over Facebook in my eyes.


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