The Ice Bucket Challenge

Can you name the last internet craze you participated in? It doesn’t have to be a dance craze. It could just a random event that your mother, father, children, grandchildren, aunts and or uncles wanted to get the family involved in. One event that took the world by storm was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Not only was it a major social media campaign, it was a major success for the ALS Association.

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge was a phenom across the world that had everybody dumping ice water on themselves. The challenge started when pro golfer Chris Kennedy challenged his wife’s cousin who’s husband has ALS, which is Lou Gehrig disease. Kennedy released later that the original intent was to make the family member smile and there was no intent for it to spread like wildfire.  Once the video went viral, the masses took it and never looked back.

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Once the craze went viral, almost every one participated. From celebrities, to athletes, to billionaires, you name it, someone had done it. Along with major success of people joining in bumping cold water on themselves, came the donations. Along with the challenge, came the ultimatum donating to the ALS Association in not completed within 24 hours. Among the people who donated to avoid the freezing water, other took it upon themselves to not only do the challenge, but  donate. With all the donations, the ALS Association raised $115 million in 2014. Along with the money, awareness skyrocketed about the disease. And importantly, the donations aided the discovery of a new ALS gene which pushed researchers closer to a cure for ALS

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The magnitude of this campaign relied strictly on social media. With the challenge stretching from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media carried this trend across the America, and overseas. The impact of ALS extends past just our country, but the world, which helped the ability to relate across the world. And the best way for something to reach the other side of the Earth within seconds is social media. Below are just some of the most famous celebrities who have participated in the challenge.


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