Houston We Have a Problem

In the NBA, things get very competitive when April rolls around every year. The month of April means playoff basketball to teams and what better than an in-state rivalry between the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets. The two teams met in the first round of the 2015 NBA Playoffs. Houston ultimately won the series 4-1, and the team account took to twitter to celebrate. On the team Twitter, a tweet with was sent out with the emojis of a horse and a gun resembling killing the horse.


While the Chad Shanks, then manager of the Houston Rockets team twitter did not mean any harm to any horses and or the actual Dallas team, Dallas fans did not take kindly to the tweet. The Mavericks team account responded to the tweet with a tweet of their own.

The Rockets took this situation seriously and with care. The strategy the organization took was to first apologize to anyone offended. They apologized to their fans as well as the Dallas fans and acknowledged that the tweet was inappropriate. The next step the organization took was to fire Shanks. the team never released an official statement on the matter, but Shanks tweeted out his apologizes and an update on the situation.

Overall, the organization handled the situation as best they could and the situation. When these type of situations happen, all an organization can do is apologize for the tweet and keep moving on. The Rockets organization took the extra step and fired their social media manager. While understandable, it may have been excessive, but let people understand that the organization does not stand for acts and is genuinely apologetic for the incident.


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