This page is my online blog if you haven’t put two and two together. Originally for my class at school but you’ll never know what might come out of this. I’m a likable mind with free mind and if you have any opinions, let me know.

I am currently a Junior Business Communication major at Stevenson University as of 2017. I thought I would incorporate that in case I forget to ¬†update. I am a student athlete, playing football. I did run track my freshman year in effort of continuing my success in high school, but it was not for me. I still love track, but I love football more. I’ve been playing football since the 7th grade and haven’t lost any love for it. Beside sports, I enjoy video games every now and again, and just having a good laugh with friends.

A lot of my post are going to be informal and as if I am talking to you in person. The name of my page is Inside the Mind of David Miles, and I am not formal inside my mind. So, I’m going to talk to you like I talk.